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First Ladies Of DiscoLLC is a multi-faceted strategic marketing, management, and brand development company. Founded by Emmy award winning Artistic Director James Washington, First Ladies Of DiscoLLC (F.L.O.D.) uses a strategic approach with clients, marrying their talents with various opportunities available in the marketplace. F.L.O.D. navigates the careers of clients with a very specific plan of action in mind, polishing talent to a brilliant shine, gaining the attention of mainstream markets. The results, increased opportunities for brand enhancement, career development and layered revenue opportunities. It all starts with the development of a customized strategic plan geared toward the individual talent.

First Ladies of Disco Show

Three extraordinary women who have made their marks on the pop, R&B and disco charts have joined forces for the first time: Martha Wash, Linda Clifford, and Evelyn "Champagne" King. They come together as a powerful force known as The First Ladies of Disco, a moniker inspired by a recently published book of the same name, compiled by author James Arena, in which many disco pioneers tell their stories. The vocal power of this new ensemble is unsurpassed, and their style and energy meld perfectly on their debut single, "Show Some Love." "The love I've had for these incredible women for so many years is certainly reflected in it," says Clifford, famous for the classic "If My Friends Could See Me Now." Wash, known the world over for the floor-filling "It's Raining Men," adds, "What I liked about 'Show Some Love' is that the song and its cross-genre appeal gave all of us a chance to use our talents and range in an uplifting song that I know is going to inspire!" King, who scored the hit "Shame," agrees, saying "This song has a wonderful message that is extremely relevant to today's world, and I know many people are going to connect with it."

"Show Some Love" is indeed about love...in so many ways. The love I've had for these incredible women that I've known for so many years is certainly reflected in it. I am honored to sing with these ladies, and it's wonderful to experience the combination of our talents. I think the love we share each time we are together will be palpable. This song is about the love of family, the love that's been missing from so many lives, and the love we hold inside and are sometimes afraid to show. We are all excited to work together on this as well as future projects and to share our love with the world. I think people will feel it. - Linda

We are three very diverse singers whose careers have spanned the disco era all the way to the present. What I liked about "Show Some Love" is that the song and its cross-genre appeal gave all of us a chance to use our talents and range in an uplifting song that I know is going to inspire! We feel we still have much to contribute to music today. We've been blessed to be able to work and tour all over the planet and to have the love of fans worldwide. We have a message to deliver to our fans with this song that says it's okay to show your love to any and everyone. In this world we live in today, we desperately need more positivity. The ladies and I have come together to help promote that positive mindset. - Martha

Working alongside two amazing women like Martha and Linda is a extraordinary experience for me. Not only do we support each other as vocalists, but as women who are trying to make important strides forward. One of our goals is to give our fans back some of the love they've shown us. We've also been fans of each other's music for many years. So coming together on "Show Some Love" has been a unique opportunity to blend our individual sounds and styles, something that's been a great deal of fun for all of us. Most importantly, this song has a wonderful message that is extremely relevant to today's world, and I know people are going to connect with it. - Evelyn

Martha Wash

Martha Wash is a two-time Grammy Nominee, known for her distinctive and powerful dramatic soprano voice. Ms. Wash has been dubbed "The Queen of Clubland" due to her ongoing success in the dance music genre. Martha's fame would have made her mentor, the late disco pioneer Sylvester, proud. As a member of The Weather Girls (previously known as Two Tons of Fun), Wash achieved tremendous success with the immortal "It's Raining Men," one of dance music's all-time greatest hits. Wash also performed lead vocals on Black Box's chart-toppers "Strike It Up" and “Everybody Everybody," as well as C+C Music Factory's "Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)," which hit No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100.


James Arena

James Arena is an accomplished author and the innovator of the first and, to date, only two published books directly focusing on the artists who pioneered the disco music genre. Led by the book “First Ladies of Disco,” these two volumes celebrate the men and women who sang and created some of the world’s biggest selling and most celebrated songs in all of pop culture history. Released between 2013 and 2014, these remarkable books arrive just in time to celebrate the 40th anniversary of disco music.

First Ladies of Disco (#1 ranked in the US and Canada on Amazon’s bestsellers charts - Music and Performing Arts category) is the first in the series. This book places the spotlight on 32 female vocalists who pioneered the original disco music sound. Major featured artists include Gloria Gaynor of "I Will Survive" fame, Martha Wash of "It's Raining Men," Linda Clifford, Carol Douglas, Evelyn "Champagne" King, Madleen Kane, and many other celebrated stars. The book has been the subject of segments on FOX-TV - New York, WCBS-FM - New York, KTLK - Los Angeles, and others.

First Ladies of Disco continues to reveal the fascinating personal stories of disco stars. This highly anticipated follow-up volume to "First Ladies of Disco" focuses on a mix of 40 respected male and female vocalists, producers and DJs, including France Joli of "Come To Me" fame, Sister Sledge, who topped the chart with "We Are Family," Alfa Anderson (formerly of Chic), members of the groups Crown Heights Affair, The Trammps and Tavares, George McCrae, Studio 54 DJ Robbie Leslie, producer Eddie O’Loughlin (Midland Records founder and A&R producer of NBC’s The Voice), and many more.

Mr. Arena is also the author of Friday Night on Channel 9 (Top 100 ranked on Amazon bestsellers - Genre Films category). An up-close examination of a small New York television station's obsession with horror films, this book shows how WOR-TV's Saturday late-night television show defined after-hours entertainment in the '70s. Interviewed personalities include notorious drive-in film producer Samuel M. Sherman and station programming executive Lawrence P. Casey.

James' career accomplishments include almost 20 years as a marketing and rights management executive for a division of BMG Entertainment. As a freelance writer, he has also penned extensive liner notes for major DVD movie release from such companies as Image, Troma and Wellspring. James also served as editor of The Street, a popular music news magazine produced by the Record World retail chain in the '80s.

He is currently developing the next book project in his highly unique dance music historical series, this time with a focus on the 1980s. The book will feature profiles of such internationally renown artists as producer Lewis A. Martineé, Alisha, Animotion, The Flirts’ Linda Jo Rizzo, Italy’s Ryan Paris, Sabrina Salerno, and many more.


FLOD Spotlight Magazine

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James Arena's tribute book "First Ladies of Disco: 32 Stars Discuss the Era and Their Singing Careers," a best seller in the United States, Canada and Europe. More memorabilia to come soon!


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